About us

David Kruso International Eyewear India pvt ltd, is a part of David Kruso International eyewear Inc, an English eyeglasses company that is one of the most well-known in the field of fashion eyewear,. David Kruso has cooperated with significant names who are already big participants in the Indian eyewear industry as part of its expansion into India.

Without a doubt, fashion has always played a vital role in defining the people of the United Kingdom. Being the birthplace of couture and the people’s intrinsic sense of style, many great fashion businesses have sprung from the vibrant English culture and have continued to add value and influence to the rest of the globe through their global appeal. India has welcomed the legendary eyewear brand ‘David Kruso,’ beginning with enormous franchisee outlets around the country. David Kruso will help you discover your inner starlet.

  • High-quality materials
  • Wide selection of lenses


"Our team of experts are committed to continuously innovate for the better experience of the consumers and to provide the best value for them. The team is constantly brainstorming new ideas for the betterment of comfort for the wearer without compromising the style quotient and product quality. Our professional partners are offered the commitment that’s the best in the market along with transparency of the mode of developments of our service. Our aim is to provide quality products with integrity as our main motto."

Our Technology

"Our experts use the finest in market optical engineering application to develop the premium eye wear and gadget keeping in mind the comfort and quality of product as our main aim. Our team is constantly upgrading the expertise so as to bring to you the top-notch products. We are focused on the process of the design applied to the product that are manufactured through the most accurate techniques in optical industry. We have the eyewear with anti-bluray, anti-radiation which relives visual fatigue."

Product categories


Global standard Premium pattern eyewear caters Men, women and unisex. We are using selected non allergic raw materials to fabricate the Premium Fiesto eyewear. Our non-compatible global pattern makes the category awesome


We offer budgeted and reasonable product range in ZESTO. Massive collection of eyewear styles makes ZESTO one of the popular name, especially among youngsters. Latest eyewear fashion trends are taken care of while designing this exclusive product.


With a smart and elegant outlook, economical range eyewear collection DSMART caters all gender, and all age. Crafted with care, DSMART adds a classy and elegant style to your face. We promise, its simple construction and style will definitely compliment your look in all ways.